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From more than a quarter century, we have used our entrepreneurial spirit to develop and evolve within the industry sector in our country. This has kept TMG  as one of the leading companies in the market year after year and, with the same goal: excellence and a personalized treatment to our customers as from our first day.

A road in permanent transition, whose route has shown its maturity, creating a unique corporate culture, giving value to the industry and, ensuring the health of the sector. We have been building bridges with our customers with new and effective ways to reach it, to ultimately, contribute to boosting excellence with a business oriented approach to service, transparency and closeness to the customer.

Today, TMG, is not only one of the market leaders, but is one of the engines of a sector that has reinvented itself again and again adapting to the legislative changes, technological developments and the needs of customers. TMG, has helped to create projects for an integrated future with creativity, with innovative products with special initiatives, with a conventional advertising, with a vision of future, with pioneering spirit, with inimitable style, with genuine proposals, with respect to the customer, with identity and courage.

TMG, now faces the present, more than ever lookingat the future, adapting to the sector and the new scenarios arising from globalization, with the satisfaction of a job well done and with a bright human team, creative, involved, able to give the best of themselves even in the most difficult moments and ready to conquer the great challenge to remain at the forefront of the industry.


Over than 1500 machines in different locations TMG in the world

Our biggest reward is the satisfaction of our customers, therefore, our quality standards are based on providing a reliable, fast and flexible solution adapted to the necessities of each customer and country.
The principle of the technical and commercial team of C.M.Tamegar is to work, step-by-step, to guarantee the best commercial service and better post sales assistance

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